Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals

Is the homefit Right for MY PATIENT?

Whether you use anticoagulant drugs or compression devices or both for DVT prevention, using the homefit will reduce even further the chances of DVT.

In several clinical trials, some of which already published, the homefit showed an enhancement of blood circulation (peak flow velocity) equivalent to the leading devices on the market.

The full portability of the homefit allows your patient to use it at every location, from the beginning of the surgery, through hospitalization and at home.
During the entire period in which your patient may be at risk, we expect patient-compliance to be high due to the portability and ease of use.

Utilizing the homefit does not cost more than any of your current options for DVT prevention and has the potential for significant savings to your hospital due to fewer cases of DVT.

If you are treating patients with high risk for DVT, and getting them back on their feet is of importance to you, the homefit may be the right choice for you and your patients.


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