HomeFit, the safe and discrete way to prevent DVT

The first fully portable compression device for the prevention of DVT

FlowMedic’s homefit is a miniaturized compression device that applies intermittent compression on the calf muscle. The homefit is used mainly for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in surgical-patients.

The small size and complete portability of the homefit allow the patient to use it continuously, from the beginning of the surgery, through hospitalization and post-discharge, until the patient is no longer at risk for DVT.

Unlike most available compression devices that apply pressure through inflating cuffs that are wrapped around the patient’s leg, the homefit utilizes a unique technology that applies fast compression and fast release and propels the blood more effectively.
FlowMedic’s technology allows the device to be very small and the compressed area to be small and still augment venous blood flow better than most other devices in this space.
The compression sleeves of the homefit are made out of a breathing material which adds to the comfort of using the homefit.

The homefit is placed on the shin bone, with the sleeve wrapping the thickest part of the calf muscle.
The homefit applies pressure about once per minute. Compression is fast but pressure is low, so the resulting feeling is similar to a massage.
The homefit comes with three sleeve sizes that cover a calf’s circumference of up to 25”.

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