Device Technology

Device Technology

FlowMedic Technology

FlowMedic’s homefit applies intermittent compression on the calf muscle.
Unlike other commercial “DVT Pumps” that use pneumatic technology, the homefit utilizes a unique pulling mechanism that applies pressure through tightening of a strap around the calf muscle.

This unique pulling mechanism applies very fast compression which leads to a significant increase in peak venous flow velocity in the deep veins of the thigh and very fast release which causes a suction effect that increases peak venous flow velocity in the foot area.

The enhanced blood flow achieved by the fast compression and-fast release technology enables the reduction in size of the device and compression area, leading to better comfort and higher compliance.

Fast compression- leads to 400-500% increase in peak venous flow velocity measured in the Femoral Vein

Fast release- causes a suction effect and increases peak flow velocity distally, in the Posterior Tibial Vein.

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